How to change redmine admin password?

Today, when I try to run my plugin tests, I’ve needed the answer for this question and I did some research. Here is the answer:

# start console
rails c

# if you want to start with another env, you can use this command:
RAILS_ENV=test rails c
# find your user by login name
user = User.where(login: 'admin').first
# set new password like this example
user.password = '123456789'
user.password_confirmation = '123456789'
# and save the user in last step with this command!

Keyboard Layout Configuration on Debian

If you want to change any keyboard settings on Debian, you have to install keyboard-configuration package. You can use this command for package installation:

sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration

Keyboard settings stored in /etc/default/keyboard file. You can edit this file for changing any keyboard settings.

To change the keyboard layout, find the XKBLAYOUT line and edit the value.

After editing, you can restarting keyboard-setup service or OS to apply new keyboard layout.