Hello hello 👋,

First of all, I’m happy to share that my family and I are healthy even if It’s been a tough year for humanity. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Whenever I remembered something and thought I did it this year, it was last year. It was weird.

I spent my all-time at home for eight months (like everyone does) but let’s try to make a list:


  • have moved house
  • have worked from home
  • switched to Emacs (I’ve never looked back, this is the best decision I’ve made this year)
  • have started to spend more hours working on system administration (I feel like a full stack developer more than ever) 
  • have made six contributions to BuddyPress (BuddyPress team added my name to the noteworthy contributors’ list 🎉)
  • have played football manager for more than 100 hours like last year (this game is my most favorite one)

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